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Robo Advisor for all your trading needs

Provide your trading setup with a techno edge to make more informed and strategic decisions
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Strategic, secure investing for every trader

No matter what type of trader you are, we have a trading strategy that will fit your personality.

Intraday Trader

Intraday traders are extremely opportunists and try to seek profit from small market movements but emotions and trend analysis become the major hurdle and here we come into the picture.

Positional Trader

Positional traders anticipate big price movements over a longer period in expectation of a large gain. But most of them fail to secure their position due to a lack of knowledge of hedging or taking covered calls and this is our expertise.

Swing Trader

Swing traders usually focus on price action and look for definitive trends and reversals but without careful monitoring of technical & fundamental analysis, this type of trading may not be productive and hence we take care of it.

Delivery Trader

Delivery traders are mostly the fundamental traders who buy and hold good stocks for the long term but buying the right stock at the right time is the challenge and we simply help them to overcome it.


Everything, unlike anything

Upmarket replaces multiple tools in a beautifully unified experience.

Real-time trading recommendations

Recommendations are the trading calls provided on the Upmarket platform.

All recommendations are generated in the live market by analysing the ongoing market conditions.

Recommendations are generated across segments including equity, futures and options

Also, you receive recommendations for every time frame like Intraday, Delivery, Positional Swing etc.
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Professional analysis tools

Upmarket replaces multiple tools in your workflow while helping you become a more strategic trader.

Various indicators and tools like Past Accuracy, Trend sentiment, POP (Probability of profit) helps you to select the perfect call as per your analysis.

Also, information like Max Profit, Max Loss, ROI and Risk-Reward ratio helps you to understand your returns and risk before entering the trade.

Tools like Entry Signal helps you to enter the trade timely.

Why choose Upmarket?

Upmarket is designed to encourage thoughtful decisions while making you even more productive.

1. SEBI Registered

We are SEBI registered Research Analyst so we are legally authorised to conduct research and provide recommendations and this should be the first and foremost reason to choose Upmarket.

2. Affordable to all

We know that buying a professional trading setup or advanced analysis software is quite expensive and most retail traders cannot afford it and so we have designed our prices in such a way that everyone should afford it.  

3. Extremely Transparent

We believe that transparency builds trust among users and transparency should be expressed through honesty and candour. So we have kept open access to all our performance and accuracy data.

4. Easy to use

One of the major drawbacks of advanced analytical software is that most of them are not at all user-friendly and hence we have designed our platform in such a way that even a first time trader can easily access it.

5. Across Segments

Upmarket provides you trading recommendations across all segments including equity, futures and options and also in all timeframes like Intraday, Delivery, Swing, Positional & Short-term. 

6. Performance Monitor

We have provided a "Call- Selection" dashboard through which you can monitor your performance and analyse your call selection. This will help you to become a more informed and strategic investor.   

7. Professional Strategies

All strategies which are integrated into the platform are completely professional, proven and thoroughly tested. Most of these strategies are used by professionals and full-time traders through their advanced trading setups.

8. Advanced Technology

Upmarket is the Robo advising platform and hence all calls are analysed, generated, monitor and closed by system integrated bot. Our system is completely autonomous and requires no human guidance.

Why us?

Robo Advisor like you've never seen before. Ever.

 A whole new take on investing to provide you definitive research experience

Fully Autonomous

Upmarket is an enriching automated system with inbuilt market sensors, Artificial intelligence and analytical capabilities so that it could make independent decisions in any market conditions without any human guidance.

Integrated Robotics

Upmarket has integrated a fully automated and high-frequency bot that analyze, generates, monitors and closes trading recommendations with high efficiency and speed in the live market.

Machine Learning

Upmarket has an advanced function of deep learning which process the historical market data, identify patterns and then uses it for its future decision making.

Constant Backtesting

This is the continuous method of analysing how well a strategy is performing. Our system assesses the viability of a trading strategy by retrospecting past performance and uses it in future decisions. 

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